Become a better version of you through positive inquiry. What are your passions? How can you get there? We connect with your past, current or future concerns and explore patterns to increase your self-awareness along the way. Career and life coaching services raise the bar in all areas of your life.

In an energy work session we tap into the universal energy field. Using a map of the chakra system, I help you tune into the vibrations of your head, heart and spirit to expand your awareness. You’ll experience the essence of any imbalances and find deep relaxation and expansion.

Workshops on wellness and learning energy techniques are available online and in person. Corporate training and tailored group workshops are also offered.

In all services I use a basis of neuroscience to explain how we filter the world, and the important role of our limbic system, our emotional processor. Once you understand how you are wired, you can tune in to understand what needs repair, restoration or relaxation.

Our body is always communicating to us. In each session, I help you to tune in.  You will learn to listen and respond in a variety of ways to restore and rebalance your body physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Tune in. Repair. Evolve.

Booking options:

•30 min or 60 min: virtual or in person
•Bundle: 10 pack of services and save
•Workshops: online and in person. Group rates available
•3 or 6 month packages: available upon request